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Mireille Mathieu Greatest Hits 2008 16




2000/2008 reissue (2CDs). Collection of Mireille Mathieu's greatest hits in 2 CDs. Disc one has 5 songs while disc two has 13 songs. Mireille Mathieu is a French pop singer. Over the years she became popular with a series of singles and songs of love, including "La vie est belle", "Soutiens l'amour", "Soleil", "La vie en rose", "Garde-moi", "Voulez-vous", "Un enfant est né", "Le nouveau monde", "Folle de chagrin", "Souviens-toi de lui", "Je vous l'ai dit", "Soleil né" and "Les mots". She has scored also 3 Eurovision hits "Oublie-moi", "La lune est belle" and "Tu es mon seul amour". Mathieu sold more than 30 million records. The songs have been translated into 17 languages.. Format: CD. £11.50 1. Je vous l'ai dit 2. Souviens-toi de lui 3. La lune est belle 4. Oublie-moi 5. Folle de chagrin 6. La vie est belle 7. Soleil 8. Soleil né 9. C'est pas si grave 10. Tu es mon seul amour 11. Voulez-vous 12. Le nouveau monde 13. Comment j'ai vu 14. Beaucoup de larmes 15. Un enfant est né 16. Garde-moi 17. La vie en rose NOTE: The titles in English are the translations from French in the liner notes for this CD, which are taken from the album liner notes. Jean-Pierre Thiollet: "Mireille Mathieu, je t'adore" / "Don't forget me" This CD includes 15 songs in total and an interview with Jean-Pierre Thiollet. Jean-Pierre Thiollet: "Mireille Mathieu, je t'adore" / "Don't forget me" Interview with Jean-Pierre Thiollet. He's one of the leading French producers and composers. He's known for his work with the likes of Jacques Veneruso, Georges Brassens and



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Mireille Mathieu Greatest Hits 2008 16

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